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Two local youth-development organizations, Boys To Men Leadership Group Kentucky, Inc. and For a Real Change, Inc. are empowering and equipping the next generation of Bowling Green youth to build self-confidence and become leaders in their schools and in their community. Now, these two organizations have partnered to create an ambitious project providing holistic, life-changing support to young men while aiming to honor the legacy of the vibrant Black community of Jonesville – all with the support of local school systems and Western Kentucky University.

The Jonesville Academy will offer educational programming designed for Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latino, and multi-racial young men in grades 3-8 every other Saturday during the academic year of 2021- 2022 beginning September 11. The partnership with Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent School District will support nine instructors teaching the curriculum in the Jonesville Academy. In addition, the Jonesville Academy partnership with the WKU College of Education and Behavioral Sciences will provide classrooms space for scholars to have an on-campus experience, while also providing WKU student teachers an opportunity to assist in the classroom.

The Jonesville Academy provides a unique opportunity for young men that are willing to extend learning beyond their elementary, middle school, or junior high school as they work toward a pathway to success. This initiative includes interactive learning from teachers of color, mentorship, networking, and community engagement with peers.

The two organizations’ approach to partnering with schools and organizations highlight their focus on community. Together, they find themselves one step closer to reaching their goals of closing the achievement gap in school systems.

Registration for Jonesville Academy for the academic year of 2021-2022 is now open. They will be offering services to up to 60 young men. In addition, the Jonesville Academy will recruit a team of mentors called Journeymen and Journeywomen that will serve with youth during the year. The deadline for both is June 15, 2021. Apply online at

Boys To Men Leadership Group Kentucky, Inc. equips young men with tools necessary to succeed in life beyond school systems. For a Real Change, Inc. empowers youth to improve their quality of life and those within their reach through education, applied learning, and meaningful service experiences.

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