Each year in the Jonesville Academy, community and financial partnerships play a significant role in the sustainability of the program. When seeking partnerships, we hope to obtain and draw interest from businesses and organizations that see the value in our program and support our values in their own work. Investing in the lives of young people is an action that provides a return greater than a few others. We hope that you consider investing your gifts and time as a Jonesville Academy Partner through any of the partnership levels or by serving as a volunteer


Elevating Community Partner

2023-24 Elevating Community Partners include WKU College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Flora Templeton Stuart, and Tennessee Valley Authority.

The Elevating Community (Platinum Level) Partner contributes to academic-focused resources, assistance, and activities provided through the program. Meeting every other Saturday, educators receive all the materials needed to provide quality engaging lessons, and scholars feel equipped for learning thanks to the Elevating Community Partner. 

Invested in Community Partners

Invested in Community (Diamond Level) Partners impact the mentoring program and leadership activities. Jonesville Academy scholars and mentors (known as journeymen and journeywomen) engage in group activities up to four times a year. Knowing the positive impact of mentoring on youth, these opportunities are made possible thanks to the Invested in Community Partners.

Empowering Community Partners

2023-24 Empowering Community Partners include Life Skills, Inc. and WKU Ogden College of Science and Engineering.

Empowering Community (Gold Level) Partners support the meals provided to Jonesville Academy scholars. With 91% of scholars qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the Academy strives to make a well-rounded meal available each Saturday. Empowering Community Partners to help ensure scholars receive a meal and other food needs are addressed on Academy days.

Communities Together Partners

2023-24 Communities Together Partners include WKU Potter College of Arts & Letters.

Communities Together (Silver Level) Partners help support the Academy’s ability to connect scholars, families, and the community through communication means. These partners contribute to the Academy gaining awareness and exposure to make more scholars aware of opportunities.

Partnership contributions continue to be accepted throughout the year. For more information, contact info@jonesvilleacademy.org.

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